Are you looking for how to best tell your own story? Then 1-on-1 coaching might be perfect for you. Explore which story serves your purpose best and how you can shape and tell this story. Find new inspiration, discover creative angles and gain new insights.

twee poppetjes op pen

Together with writing expert David Redeker or presentation coach Marloes ten Kate, you'll receive tailored coaching. We consider your research and you will get tools tailored to your specific situation.

Contact us right away and schedule your first session.

For whom?
The coaching is meant for researchers who want to develop themselves and who want hands-on tips in telling their own stories. Maybe you are still looking for a way to transform your research into a story. Or maybe you already know what you want to tell, why and to whom, but are you just struggling with the details. Together we can take a look at an article, a lecture or a video that has already been made (in part) and help you to fine-tune it.

De investering is €520 (exclusief btw). Hiervoor krijg je twee sessies: een overkoepelende over storytelling en een specifieke over schrijven of presenteren. Na de eerste sessie werk je aan je verhaal. Hierover heb je mailcontact met de trainers. In de tweede sessie wordt je verhaal besproken en verder uitgewerkt.

What are the benefits to you?
After the coaching, you will have collected specific tips tailored to your situation. You will have a story tuned to your audience in a language they understand, so that your message really comes across. You will also gain a deeper knowledge of storytelling in your lines of communication. This will not only improve your single story, but it will help you strengthen all the stories you will eventually tell. Whether that's a paper, a blog or a lecture. You'll reach your audience more effectively and get your message across to others clearly and inspiringly. For, to have a real impact with your research, it is necessary to share your knowledge.

We are happy to help you make your communication as impactful as possible. Contact us now and schedule your first session.

Get acquainted first?
Feel free to call Marloes (0648 080 761) or David (0644 588 969). Simply explain your problem and we'll think along.