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Learn to present, write and tell stories - Virtual & in-depth! - online, 3 hour

Especially for all organizations looking for great online courses and workshops, we offer three interactive, virtual training courses. Learn to present, write and storytell, just from behind your computer. A workshop takes about 3 hours.

The workshops are also ideal for use in times of social distancing to interact with your colleagues in a different, refreshing and spontaneous way. All workshops are very interactive and offer surprising exercises.

We can invite your team into our Zoom environment, or we can use the digital infrastructure within your organization. And the size of your group? It doesn't matter. We will customize the workshop.

We tailor our trainings to your needs and your demands. In advance, we look at the strengths, pitfalls and wishes of your organization. In this way, we ensure that each training course is optimally suited to your needs. View our offer below and contact us for your demands.

1. Presenting
Focus on the content of your story. Learn to articulate and persuade your message clearly. We pay attention to the basics, to formulate the goal, to identify the target group and to determine the desired actions of your audience. We teach you how to build a logical and attractive structure. We can also do more using a narrative approach, using emotion and working with interaction. This workshop can also be booked as an elevator pitch training.

2. Writing
The focus is on fluent writing: readable and fast. Find out how to clearly articulate your core message. Train 'roll up' writing, create better management summaries and bring some sparkle to factual documents.

3. Storytelling
Learn the essentials of a good story. Discover what the structure and ingredients are to captivate your audience or reader from start to finish. Stories make abstract facts more understandable and engaging. Learn to apply the art of storytelling in both written and verbal form.

Virtual show for group outing, departmental meeting or social gathering - online, 15 to 60 minutes

Looking for something to do with an online group outing, a special departmental meeting or an educational get-together? Scientific Storytelling will virtually come and visit you. We have many different shows in our package from 15 to 60 minutes. The number of participants may vary between 3 and 100. We can invite your team in our Zoom environment or we can use the facilities of your organization.

1. The what-were-you-thinking-show
On the easy to learn technique that allows you to tell stories vividly by using actions, senses and emotions.

2. The compare-and-care-show
On the power of metaphors, comparisons and analogies in avoiding jargon or explaining difficult concepts.

3. The don't-I-know-you-show
On ways to start a story, expand it, drive it forward, and end it nicely.

4. The publish-or-perish-show
On how to quickly and easily create an attractive news story or press release.

5. The in-the-picture show
On how to deliver much better presentations using some simple tips.

Ideal for a conference

Offer your online participants a smashing conclusion, or use a light-hearted intermezzo linked to the day's theme. These components take 15 - 25 minutes each.

Intermezzo: Good, Better, Fantastic!

In this intermezzo, we view a problem from fresh, new perspectives. It can be used to before a parallel session in which the participants contribute ideas about the content. In a playful, way we increase the problem-solving capacity of the participants.

The moderator asks the audience (via chat) what the possible solutions are to an urgent problem. The two actors will work with the input. How would the director Steven Spielberg approach this, the futurist Elon Musk or the philanthropic Oprah Winfrey? Next, we'll vote on which solution appeals most: the good, the better or the fantastic? A light-hearted, playful way to get the minds fresh. Participants will set to work with new inspiration.

The Summarizers

At the end of a successful day it is nice to jointly reflect. A good summary by the speakers is always an option, but not very exciting. The Summarizers use the input of the participants, rather than that of the speakers. The most important conclusions from three (or more) sub-sessions are presented in this energetic closing session.

First, we ask participants to create a visual summary of the parallel session. A simple drawing works fine. Next, The Summarizers present the results of a few parallel sessions. These 'experts' are total outsiders, but nevertheless reflect the essence of that parallel session as well as possible. In this way, we reflect on the day in a light-hearted way. Which take-home messages turn out to be incomprehensible and just humorous? And which ones are likely to stick around long after the conference has ended?

Winning drawing on tile, DAS conference 2021

A unique, interactive way to end the conference together. The participant with the best drawing will receive this on a tile sent home!

Review of The Summarizers:
"A session with The Summarizeers guarantees a conference ending with a big smile. By creating 'visual summaries', your participants are encouraged to think about their sessions in a creative way. The Summarizeers will then get to work on this in an inventive, sharp and funny way. You will look back on your conference program with completely different eyes!"
Marjolein Wijnker-Schrauwen, Organizer DAS Conference (Stichting Domein Applied Science)