"David, Marloes, you were amazing! Especially your ability to relate to our perspective and the grant application we are writing was unique! I hope we can invite you back more often next year.
Terry Vrijenhoek, Staff and Faculty Advisor, UMCU

"Your workshop was wonderful! It worked really well. That duo presentation makes it even more lively and the students participated well. Very inspiring to see how much fun an online workshop can be, thanks!"
Ionica Smeets, professor of science communication at Leiden University

”Clear structure and tips. Scientific presenting with a twist. Tips and tricks that you can use right away.”
Karin van der Wiel, researcher KNMI

”Engaging and fun.”
Mark Stevens, permanent researcher CWI

”I was challenged to tell about my research in an inspired and playful way. The workshop encourages you to think about your research and your presentation from a different angle.”
Marieke Heineke, Amsterdam UMC

”I have a clear picture now of how I can use examples and emotion to convey my research more nicely and clearly. The improvisation component was unexpected and really added something, because it loosened the group and put the narrative aspect forward. The workshop makes sense for trade shows, laymen's talks and parties. But it is also works to get clear to yourself what is most important about your research.”
Alex Leighton, PhD-student at the Nederlands Institute for Neuroscience

”A playful and cheerful way to practice storytelling and to experience how this comes across to a group.”
Anette, communications advisor

”Enthusiasm, active participation. Giving another perspective about how to share science. Made me think creatively about my story. Improves communication skills.”
Madison Carr, lecturer and PhD-student at VU Amsterdam

”Practical hands-on introduction for telling a story.”
Wouter Koolen, researcher CWI

”In an earlier storytelling course I had less clarity about how to use this for a scientific story. Now I do have clarity!”
Amber Kerkhofs, Scientist Wanted

”I learned new things about how I can tell a story where I can make others enthusiastic about my research. The workshop gives many new insights on how you can present your research. You experience directly what works and what doesn't. Marloes and David are very enthusiastic and know how to give an answer to every question, very nice!”
Yvonne Smit, PhD-student Utrecht University

”Found the course engaging, effectice and I felt my confidency boosting. At the end of the course I felt calm and motivated to tell my scientific story, when usually I would feel nervous and agitated.”
Sophia Bethany Coban, postdoc CWI

”Active work forms with fun and educational exercises. Every scientist should learn how you transfer your research to others in an interesting and inspiring way!”
Anke Hammerslag, postdoc biologic psychology, VU Amsterdam

”It was nice to practice with different ways to tell a story. Nice to learn how you can explain your research on a party or to a journalist. Useful tips.”
Sietze Norder, PhD-student University of Lisboa and University of Amsterdam

”Nice to combine improv with science communication. The improv rounds were dynamic and entertaining. Nice variety of presentations and work forms. Marloes and David are a great team!”
Shashini Munshi, PhD-student Erasmus MC

”Nice mix of theory and hands-on work forms. Good to learn how to communicate your research in a different way than via classical, boring scientific publications.”
Steven Puttemans, postdoc KV Leuven, campus De Nayer

”The workshop was a good tool to learn structuring our stories better and to understand and practise tips and tricks to make stories.”
Davide Ceolin, onderzoeker CWI


We work for various international organizations, universities and knowledge institutions. These clients, among others, previously joined a workshop Scientific Storytelling:

  • Amsterdam University Medical Centre
  • Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI)
  • Technology ambassadors - CNV Youth
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • European Hematology Association
  • Royal Netherlands Chemical Society
  • Dutch Research Council
  • Radboud University
  • National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
  • SciCom NL
  • Scientist Wanted
  • University Medical Centre Utrecht
  • Maastricht University
  • Utrecht University
  • Utrecht University
  • The Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI)
  • Foundation for Cooperation on Vocational Education, Training and Labour Market (SBB)
  • IHE Delft Institute for Water Education
  • Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development
  • Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences
  • The Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA)
  • Royal Netherlands Historical Society